Kuzenkova and Krivelyova banned for doping

Russian throwers’ previous samples were re-analysed

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Olga KUZENKOVA (Mark Shearman)

Hammer thrower Olga Kuzenkova and shot-putter Svetlyana Krivelyova have been banned for using banned substances, worsening Russia’s recent poor doping record.

Both had already been identified as being under investigation following retests of old samples.

Kuzenkova will lose her 2005 world title from when her sample submitted eventually turned out to be positive and her results for the two years after that date will be annulled. Kuzenkova, who has since retired, has also been banned from March 2013. However, she remains the 2004 Olympic champion.

Cuba’s Ypsi Moreno, who was second at the 2005 Worlds, is expected to be upgraded to gold, but the woman who received bronze, Russia’s Tatyana Lysenko, herself received a doping ban in 2008.

Krivelyova has been banned for two years from April 2013 and her results from the day she won Olympic bronze in 2004 for the following two years have been cancelled.

The 12 Russian women throwers from the 2004 Olympics have amassed eight doping violations between them.

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  1. Kevin O'Neill says:

    Sadly this news comes as no surprise at all. Who will be next, and the next, and so it goes……

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