Fans divided as to winner in Farah v Bolt head-to-head

Usain Bolt accepts Mo Farah’s 600m head-to-head challenge but fans can’t agree on who might win

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One Mo Farah – long distance extraordinaire, one Usain Bolt – the quickest sprinter on the planet, and one race – 600m. Who would win?

It’s a question that has divided fans since Farah proposed the idea a couple of days ago to raise money for charity.

“Are you up for that?” Farah asked Bolt. “Come on, you’ve got to do it.”

Bolt has accepted the challenge, so long as the race is one and a half laps and no longer, but who would win?

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It’s a tough one to call. Bolt – world record-holder over 100m and 200m – certainly has the speed and power, but sustaining that over 600m is another matter. Farah, on the other hand, might be Olympic champion over 5000m and 10,000m but he’s proven impressive pace on a number of occasions, most recently over 1500m at a Diamond League meet in Monaco where he clocked 3:28.81 to smash the 16-year-old area record held by Fermin Cacho of Spain as well as Steve Cram’s 28-year-old British record.

Bookmaker Coral lists Farah as the 8/15 odds-on favourite, while odds for Bolt to win are 11/8. Here’s just a few predictions as to the race’s outcome. Feel free to get social too and share your thoughts – you can find us on Twitter and Facebook or you can add a comment below. On your marks, get set…


@bryonypearce18 “I’d have to put my money on Mo for both distances.”

‏@Notadwarf “Mo seems too obvious.”

@Timbenj44 “Farah all day long! #lacticisakiller”

‏@mattelias400h “Bolt 100% over 600m he has split 43 over 400 & has the biggest stride length ever! @Timbenj44 @MartynRooney #speedkills”

@MartynRooney “Mo will be able to sit at 95% for 600m, so will come down to the last 100, bolt can sit & kick…”

@lsabre “There’s a serious possibility that Bolt will have blown up by 500m, Mo won’t.”

@lordtimfry “If it’s not in lanes it would favour Farah. Bolt would hate Lane 1 with his stride.”

@shewanlpool “Bolt would prob beat Farah over 600m (would be close though) but Rudisha would beat both of them over the same distance!”

@ocal64 “NO CONTEST – easy for Farah.”

@juanzie84 “Mo ran 13 for 100m in Superstars. His last lap of a 10k was 53. Mo to win.”


Oliver Starkey ”Bolt’s run 45s for 400m from blocks, Farah’s ‘only’ run 50s with the advantage of a flying start. My money’s on the big man.”

Tracy Freeman ”Mo all the way!”

Joe Ruocco ”Bolt has probably never run that far in his life. So Farah.”

John William Dickinson ”It’s a no brainer, Bolt would win comfortably.”

Martin Sheppard ”If Bolt paces himself and runs 47 secs (2 secs slower than his annual 400m run) and Mo runs 50 secs (as he did on the last lap of the 5k) then the next 200 will be Mo in 25 seconds and Usain in 28 = Dead heat….. interesting …..”

Peter McNally ”Loaded in favour of our Mo obviously!”

Brent Allman ”Bolt for me. He will blow Farah away for the first 400m then just hang on for dear life for the last 200m…”

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  1. kio says:

    Come on, Boly will polish off a hard 400 but then that lactic build up will catch him hard. He's an "all out" man while Mo is trained and conditioned to shift speeds when he needs to. Hello…he just busted out a 3:28.8!!!!!

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