Commentary team revealed for Channel 4′s World Championships coverage

Michael Johnson, Katharine Merry and Dean Macey to feature on Channel 4 panel

Michael Johnson

Channel 4 has confirmed four-time Olympic gold medallist Michael Johnson as part of an all-star line up of sporting greats hosting the live coverage of the IAAF World Athletics Championships.

Johnson, the 400m world record-holder, will bring his own experience and expert knowledge to the coverage of the World Championships, having been a part of the BBC’s commentary team for many years since retiring from action more than 10 years ago.

He is one of several athletes to be appointed by Channel 4 to be a part of the commentary team and will be joined by 1998 European and Commonwealth champion Iwan Thomas, 2000 Olympic bronze medallist Katharine Merry and 2006 Commonwealth champion Dean Macey.

Expert commentators John Rawling and Rob Walker will cover the action from the commentary box, with Sonja McClaughlan reporting on all the championships news from the trackside.

“Michael is renowned for his frank, incisive and illuminating views and we are delighted to have him as our lead analyst in our exciting team,” said Jamie Aitchison, Channel 4′s editor of live sports.

Ortis Deley, presenter of The Gadget Show, will be host of the live programming in the studio. It will be Deley’s live sports presenting debut for Channel 4, although in 2000 he presented his own show for BBC 5 Live featuring in-depth previews of British athletes preparing for the Sydney Olympics.

Channel 4 will show almost 65 hours of coverage of the World Championships, which takes place from August 27 to September 4 in Daegu, South Korea, including all morning and evening sessions plus a regular highlights programme in prime time.

To promote Channel 4′s exclusive coverage of the World Championships, Usain Bolt stars in their specially-made ident, which is due to transmit prior to and throughout the event.

6 Responses to “Commentary team revealed for Channel 4′s World Championships coverage”

  1. Kim says:

    Coverage of Athletics is just awful. The BBC are just the best at presented sport especially athletics. Channel 4 is putting it to shame. Michael Johnson is the only person on their who is not out of their depth. Not good TV.

  2. Dave says:

    Am very disappointed by Channel 4's coverage of these World Champs… So many ad breaks, Field event coverage is terrible!

  3. Sue says:

    I agree! I really look forward to watching athletics but Channel 4 haven't got a clue how to do it properly, or perhaps the BBC is too hard an act to follow? I can't be bothered to watch anymore – terrible presenting, only half a race is shown with no info on competitors and the lane they are in, no logical sequence of events, and worst of all far, far too many ad breaks. Absolutely diabolical!

  4. rob says:

    Totally agree Kim. The highlights evening programme is dire, far too short as though those involved aren't really bothered. Commentators refer to a fanmtastic day/evening then continually manage to protray the opposite.
    Don't think I'll bother for the remainder.

  5. Neil says:

    That Otis chap is utter crap. Does he know anything about athletics? Can he read an autocue? He looks at Michael Johnson as if he is spouting a foreign language.

  6. Marc says:

    What a bunch of moaners, ad breaks are a fact of modern TV life, probably the main reason the BBC is losing every sports event after sports event. If the Football World Cup and other top events are opened to all bidders the BBC does not have a hope without the additional revenue from advertising.

    As far as C4 production, it is a little ropey but not enough that it spoils the action, I am sure the BBC took a lot of time getting to the standard of coverage that they now produce, but lets's be honest compared to SkySports they are miles behind! You could also watch the athletics on Eurosport.

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