Boston Marathon non-finishers invited back for 2014 race

Boston Athletic Association issues ‘special invitation’ to marathon runners who were unable to cross the finish because of bomb explosions

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Start of 2013 Boston Marathon (Cheryl Treworgy)

Organisers of the Boston Marathon, the Boston Athletic Association (BAA), have announced that runners who were prevented from finishing this year’s event because of bomb explosions will be invited back to run the 2014 race.

More than 5,000 runners were unable to cross the Boylston Street finish line when the race was stopped early because of two blasts which exploded near the finish on April 15, with runners around four hours into the race.

“The opportunity to run down Boylston Street and to cross the finish line amid thousands of spectators is a significant part of the entire Boston Marathon experience,” read a statement from BAA executive director Tom Grilk.

“With the opportunity to return and participate in 2014, we look forward to inviting back these athletes and we expect that most will renew their marathon training commitment.

“Boston spectators are known for their impassioned support and unbridled enthusiasm, and they will give these returning athletes some of the loudest cheers at next year’s race. We want to thank our participants for their patience as we continue to work through the details of arranging this accommodation for them, and we ask for continued patience from the running community as we plan the 2014 Boston Marathon next April.”

Details on eligibility can be found in the announcement here, which advises that a 2013 Boston Marathon participant must have been an official entrant who started the race and who reached the half marathon mark in this year’s race on Monday, April 15.

Of the 5633 runners deemed by the BAA to be eligible, 726 are said to have been international entrants.

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