BBC SPOTY – the AW votes are in

Athletics Weekly poll reveals majority of readers disagree with putting group support behind one nominee

Ennis, Farah and Weir

Jessica Ennis, Mo Farah and David Weir will fly the flag for athletics at the BBC Sports Personality of the Year awards tomorrow night, but who gets your vote?

While Cycling Weekly has urged readers to vote for bookies’ favourite Bradley Wiggins rather than fellow cycling contenders Sarah Storey and Chris Hoy, the athletics world would seem to take a different view.

In an online AW poll, 50.2% of the respondents said the athletics community should not get behind one of the three nominees – compared to 49.8% who disagreed.

When it came to who that nominee would be, 49.3% said Farah, 38.9% went for Ennis while 11.8% opted for Weir.

At the time of publication, Wiggins was the bookmakers’ odds-on favourite to win, ahead of Ennis and Farah. But regardless of what the bookies say and whether or not you agree with group support, cast your vote and enjoy the show as the memories of the summer come flooding back.

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  1. JAGS says:

    @ 'AW' – Congratulations on suggesting that the point of this exercise was to determine whether or not it was in the interest of AW readers to get behind a single nominee and then pulling off the extremely crafty trick of running counter to the vote not to do so by going ahead anyway and making known which athlete would most benefit from a block vote. If AW were so obviously determined to encourage a block vote situation then the editorial team could at least have been more straghtforward and simply said so. Collecting opinions and then using them in this way is opportunistic and – in my mind – clearly disappointing to those other readers who might reasonably feel manipulated. People can say what they like about the 'Cycling Weekly' approach to affecting a cycling winner of this weekend's big award but at least they can't be accused of exploiting their readers!

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