Adams can never forgive Ostapchuk

As shot putter Valerie Adams returns to the Olympic Stadium, she admits she remains full of anger at Nadzeya Ostapchuk for taking away her golden moment

Valerie Adams (Mark Shearman)

Two-time Olympic shot put champion Valerie Adams says she will never forgive Nadzeya Ostapchuk for denying her the chance to celebrate her golden moment at the top of the podium at London 2012.

Reigning world champion Adams, who returns to the Olympic Stadium on Saturday to compete at the Sainsbury’s Anniversary Games, has mixed feelings about returning to the venue that saw her finish runner-up to Ostapchuk last summer, only to later be upgraded to gold after the Belarusian athlete tested positive for a banned substance.

“Obviously there’s mixed feelings coming back but I’m happy to be here in London to get to enjoy the atmosphere on a different level,” she said.

“It’s … I don’t know. It’s one way for me to close the book on what happened in London.”

At a press conference dominated by questions on the topic of doping given recent revelations regarding sprinters Tyson Gay and Asafa Powell, who have admitted to failing drugs tests, the New Zealander said she still feels “really angry” towards Ostapchuk, who she believes has tainted the sport.

“I will never forgive her,” said Adams. “She has tainted the sport, she’s tainted our event.

“The worst thing about it for me is that she took the moment away. That’s probably what hurts the most.

“At the time I was crying tears of disappointment for my country, for myself, for my coach,” she added, “this thing was crying her crocodile tears embracing a moment which shouldn’t have been hers.

“That’s, I think, what hurts the most. She took that away from me.”

The competition in London this weekend should be something of a formality for Adams as she looks to continue her dominant run of form for which she credits her coach, Jean-Pierre Egger.

“I have to thank my coach for this winning streak,” she said. “I’ve been winning since I’ve been with him and that’s going on three years now.

“I’ve had 37 consecutive wins so far and I hope to continue that for as long as possible. It isn’t an easy job to do, I know that coming into the World Champs this year there’s already three girls who have thrown over 20m.

“I have to be on my toes all the time whenever I’m out there, but I must thank Jean-Pierre because without him my career would have been done and that would have been the end of me back in 2010. Without him there wouldn’t have been another gold medal at the Olympics or World Champs.”

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