A 9.4 100m is possible, boasts Bolt

Sprint superstar Usain Bolt admits he believes running 100m in 9.4 seconds is possible and that he’s got his sights set on the triple triple

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Usain Bolt and Clare Balding

On his goal now – the triple triple
“That’s my new goal. I want to be in history with the great Muhammad Ali and Michael Johnson. If I want to do that I have to be dominant in the sport and I have to continue winning, continue doing extraordinary things.”

On breaking the world record
“This season will be the only chance I get to go after a world record. And so I will be much more dedicated this season in trying to make sure I’m fit, my core work is done, my back is in check. So hopefully everything comes together and I can get it done.”

On how fast he can run
“For me I always say 9.4 (100m) is possible and the possibility of running 19 seconds (200m) is what I would love to do. I’m really going to give it a shot this season and see if I can do it.”

On competing at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow
“I’ve pointed out to my coach I would love to go. But my coach makes the decisions, he decides what I do and we haven’t decided yet.”

On what stresses him out
“Football stresses me the most. When I’m watching football, especially when my team is not playing good, it stresses me out. Manchester United stresses me out every day, even when they win it stresses me out.”

On retiring after Rio 2016
“I may go on one more year. I asked my coach if it’s possible for me to dominate one more year. He said yes but it’s going to be hard, which is not really fun, but I’m willing to do it for my fans and my sponsors.”

On post-retirement plans
“Hopefully in business. My best friend will run it and I will put my feet up. I’m very lazy.”

» This is an extract from an interview with Usain Bolt conducted by Clare Balding to be aired on The Clare Balding Show, BT Sport 2, from 8pm on September 19

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