You know you’re an athletics fan when…

Any of these sound familiar? Then you might just be an athletics fan

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Last week we celebrated a #ThrowbackThursday on Twitter by asking you to join in with the hashtag topic #YouKnowYoureAnAthleticsFanWhen

We first got this conversation going two years ago and shared with you a selection of the best responses (find that blog post here). We loved it then, and we still love it now. Here’s some of the best suggestions put forward this time around.

Feel free to continue the conversation by adding a comment below!

You know you’re an athletics fan when…

… you say ‘track’ to people in your way in the street instead of excuse me (@andyturner110h)

… X’s and O’s doesn’t mean “hugs and kisses” (@JennSuhr)

… you see the time on a 24 hour clock & know it’s someone’s PB – e.g. 12:54 = @J_Ennis 100m Hurdles PB (@ChrisBrownSport)

… instead of being told off for kicking, you’re praised for it (@AthleticsWeekly)

… your pets are called Usain and Tyson….like my goldfish! (@KatharineMerry)

… you know someones P.B’s without ever having actually met them (@JCody93)

… you have got Power of 10 set as your home page (@rodrjh66)

… you plan holidays round going to watch athletics comps (@scarykt)

… you have a piece of your favourite athletics track as your welcome mat! (@ZoeCornner)

… 90% of your sports viewing is via online streams. The other 10% is via the BBC red button (@AthleticsWeekly)

… you can pronounce Ramalalanarina and Kszczot without stuttering (@IanTnf)

… normal stairs next to escalators or broken down escalators are seen as a chance to get a little bit stronger (@JG_Runner)

… you have a loyalty card for somewhere in Bydgoszcz (@paulhalford)

… your idea of relaxing is waking up at 6am for a steady 15 mile run through the countryside (@TomCollinge)

… you describe how tall something is by whether you could vault it or not (@Adam14Lee)

… you learn all your geography from athletics (where athletes come from, competition venues, etc…) (@AthleticsWeekly)

… when you watch a film where someone is being chased on foot and all you can do is assess their sprint technique (@richyroo74)

… you can accurately assess distances in real life scenarios by dividing it up into ‘laps’ (@ChrisHertzog)

… you think of athletes first, not footballers, when you hear the names ‘Walcott’ and ‘Rooney’ (@Statman_Jon)

… you assess every field, hill, river you pass on a journey for its training potential (@rebelruns)

… all your casual shoes are your old worn out training shoes! (@StuartNelson7)

… you know the dates of birth and pb’s of people you’ve never actually spoken to! (@KatharineMerry)

… your wife is giving birth, her heart rate is 150bpm and you think “good tempo pace” (@justinreid123)

… you know the word for “results” in at least 10 different languages (@paulhalford)

… your colleagues ask what you did at the weekend, and you answer in miles (@theweehon)

… the only magazine you’ve ever read is @AthleticsWeekly (@Jonnabaines)

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  1. Pedro Peixoto says:

    Or when your bank card pin is the WR for 400m (or TJ or HT)

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