New Team GB kit has public seeing red

… and it’s all because they can’t see much red.

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The kit that British athletes will wear at the London 2012 Olympics and Paralympics has sparked controversy with mainly negative responses on Team GB’s Facebook page where it was unveiled this morning.

However, whether it’s been the initially despised London 2012 logo, every new incarnation of Facebook or a revised form of a beloved model of car, history shows that we tend to hate most new designs before eventually wondering what we ever thought the problem with them was.

“Too much blue and not enough red” is the general tone of most of the comments, referring to the colours of the Union Jack flag. “Is that the X-Factor in the middle?” asked one Facebook poster. “Rubbish it’s horrible” was another comment.

My first reaction to the kit was that someone should have shown Stella McCartney a picture of previous GB athletics kit before setting her on to the task of designing it. We are so used to seeing certain designs in national kit that a radical departure can leave us wondering why we’re looking at our country’s top athletes dressed in French or Finnish kit. And no sarcastic comments about half of the British team looking more at home in foreign kit anyway, please.

The current GB kit on display at the recent IAAF World Indoor Championships bears the unmistakable Union flag with the red, white and blue in roughly equal proportions. My concern would be whether the lack of the crucial and distinctively “GB” dark blue at the very top of the vests means it is not easily identifiable enough.

However, we will be seeing most of the athletes side-on most of the time, so maybe that will not matter. The dark blue is still the major feature of the new kit after all.

So perhaps by the end of the two weeks in August we will be wondering what all the fuss was about. Only time will tell.

10 Responses to “New Team GB kit has public seeing red”

  1. It’s not really meant to be a GB kit though is it? It’s an adidas billboard designed to be noticed on the greatest stage of all…

  2. Daz says:

    The kit looks terrible. Yes, the lack of red is a big mistake.
    The large band across the middle (the blue George Cross!!!) is too large.
    Why Navy blue and not Royal blue?
    A big disappointment in OUR Olympic year.

  3. Steve says:

    Coe, Ovett, Daley… Just give them the 80's kit, way cooler!

  4. Paul Willcox says:

    Once numbers are pinned on back and front, the red band around the neck will be more prominent and much of the blue obscured

    And who is yet to think that the 2012 logo is anything but an eyesore?

  5. Peter says:

    Don't see the problem myself. The one with the actual union flag in it is horrible.

  6. V Hindmarch says:

    Stella should remember that the Union Flag is RED WHITE & BLUE not blue & blue. It is great for team Adidas but never in a million years for Team GB.

  7. Stavros says:

    "However, whether it’s been the initially despised London 2012 logo…history shows that we tend to hate most new designs before eventually wondering what we ever thought the problem with them was."

    You seem to be implying that people have stopped thinking that logo is terrible. This is obviously a mistake.

  8. richard says:

    If you look good you feel good. This kit is awful, it should be scrapped, our athlete's deserves better. London was to show case Britain, British design, are we that boring? The Doha kit was a vibrant kit with union flag, this kit could
    have had some minor changes and used as a proud kit to wear.

    Who makes these decison ? Obviously someone with no taste and no pride in the red, white and blue Union flag.

  9. Claire says:

    I'm not even British but I much preferred the kit that was used up until now. I don't like the olympic one at all-too much blue, especially the two lighter shades!

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