Last-minute World Champs drop outs

Keep track of all the latest withdrawals from the IAAF World Championships in Daegu

Mbulaeni Mulaudzi (Mark Shearman)

Injuries can happen to even the best of athletes at the worst of times – like in the weeks leading up to a major championships. This year’s IAAF World Championships in Daegu is no exception, and with the competition due to get underway next weekend, several athletes have already had the misfortune of being forced to skip the global event.

While most withdrawals, such as defending 800m champion Mbulaeni Mulaudzi, are injury-related, others – like Steve Mullings – relate to positive drugs tests.

Following the IAAF’s recent announcement that everyone at the World Championships in Daegu will be blood tested, some are of the opinion that drug cheats may feign injury as a way to avoid tests. But that logic is potentially flawed.

Blood testing is mainly used to detect EPO and HGH. Cheats use the latter substance during training instead of close to competition, while recent evidence suggests that blood dopers are opting for autologous transfusions instead of EPO.

There have been the odd cases in the past of athletes avoiding tests by dropping out of championships, but it would be unfair to many of the innocent athletes who have picked up genuine injuries close to Daegu by tarring them with the same brush.

Below is a list of athletes who have been forced to miss the World Championships, along with a separate list of those athletes whose participation is currently in question. Both lists will be updated as and when news breaks. If you come across any news of further withdrawals or have any amendments to the lists, please use the comment form at the bottom of the page to inform us.

Name / country Event Reason
Simone Alves da Silva (BRA) 10,000m Achilles injury
Angelica Bengtsson (SWE) Pole vault Injury
Boštjan Buč (SLO) 3000m SC Injury
Delores Checa (ESP) 5000m Fatigue
Bryan Clay (USA) Decathlon Knee injury
Katja Demut (GER) Triple jump Heel injury
Delilah DiCrescenzo (USA) 3000m SC Stress fracture
Debbie Dunn (USA) 400m Stress fracture
André Höhne (GER) 20km walk Thigh injury
Wilson Kiprop (KEN) 10,000m Ankle injury
Andrew Lemoncello (GBR) Marathon Injury
Martial Mbandjock (FRA) 100m Injury
Mbulaeni Mulaudzi (RSA) 800m Hamstring injury
Steve Mullings (JAM) 100m Positive drugs test
Alsu Murtazina (RUS) Triple jump Injury
Minna Nikkanen (FIN) Pole vault Thumb injury
Josephine Onyia (ESP) 100m hurdles Poor form
Darya Pizhankova (UKR) 4x100m Positive drugs test
Asafa Powell (JAM) 100m Injury
Mike Rodgers (USA) 100m Positive test for stimulant
Snežana Rodić (SLO) Triple jump Illness
Benjamín Sánchez (ESP) 20km walk Poor form
Sergio Sánchez (ESP) 5000m Tibial nerve injury
Chris Solinsky (USA) 5000m Hamstring injury
Christina Vukicevic (NOR) 100m hurdles Injury
Jeremy Wariner (USA) 400m Foot injury
Till Wöschler (GER) Javelin Elbow injury
Aleksey Zagorniy (RUS) Hammer Back injury

9 Responses to “Last-minute World Champs drop outs”

  1. Frecky says:

    How does the relate to previous years, I think this is a key point not to be over looked

  2. Ocho Cinco says:

    Lot's of druggies on that list.

  3. Lost Brit says:

    here's the "kiss of death" – not Brits yet!

  4. saopaul says:

    it is a shame to see all these athletes out of the world, but how many for injuries? I am sure that almost 4-5 when they have known blood test they have been injured at the same time,and you will see how many others will follow !

  5. munchy says:

    Wallace Spearmon and Tyson Gay also out due to injury

  6. scarlet_man says:

    Perhaps we could include the date of the announcement of dropout? Would allow the reader to make their own minds up as to whether dropout was related to announcement that all would be tested.

    There's been some athletes discussing this on Twitter, particularly with regard to the fact that a choice was made to make an announcement and not just do the testing, thus giving dirty athletes a chance to avoid being caught. I wonder if such a high proportion of athletes are suspected as possibly doping that the IAAF felt they had to make the announcement early to avoid such a high number of positive tests and ruining the reputation of the sport?

  7. Paul says:

    This is ridiculous to suspect that athletes would be dropping out because the IAAF announced that they will be blood testing everyone at the championships. Don't you realize that because of the whereabouts program that the athletes could be blood tested at any moment any day.

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